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Investing should be simple. Let us do the work for you. Our done-for-you services yield an average of 35% upwards of 150% ROI per year for our clients. 


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We create group chats for all of our clients with the owners like myself, Kevin Edgar, and Leslie Edgar. Even with a team of employees doing the work for you, we like to be there for clients on a personal level with all of our services.

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By joining us, you get lifetime access including ALL future updates! When value is added and price goes up, you'll never pay for the added value or added resources.

24/7 Community Support

Strong support from your mentor and service providers, Kevin & Leslie Edgar, and fellow clients in our private coaching groups, ALL day EVERY day.

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"I have been benefiting from the training and peer member support for 4 months now. When you are getting started in e-commerce different situations are always cropping up. The training provides strong instructions to get you up and running, but what sets this company and program apart is the ongoing support for questions and solutions to challenging situations. Kevin and the members group are amazing and so willing to share their knowledge and experience to help you succeed. The program is one of a kind."

Michelle H.
Amazon Client

"We purchased the course and were using it that night to get our Google ads created. Within the first week we had 10 more inbound calls which translated into 6 new customer installs for our business. Great simple content and effective! Would recommend 100%"

Jon Kuiper
Course: Digital Ad Mastery

"I just saw the live Kevin made and I just want to say thank you so much for your time and caring. I purchased in the past so many programs for Amazon drop shipping but yours is so simple and clear. All it takes is just moving your ass and just do the work. So for me staying up every night until 3AM is normal now lol but my last Amazon payment was over 31k so it is worth it. "

Niv Garcia
Amazon Client

"Keep up the good work everyone! I did $1,300 in sales yesterday alone :) "

Joshua Micah
Amazon Client

"You and you team have changed lives. I know everyone wants to get rich quickly but life doesn’t work that way. I’ve watched you for quite sometime before I made contact with you and admired your dedication and work ethics. And I’ve never said this to you before but when I was down and out you gave me inspiration. With your get off your ass and work for what you want attitude inspired me. You don’t have to help us all out the way you do, but you do. That’s what a real man is to me. Whether you hear it or not you are a true hero to a lot of us. And I admire that quality in a man. You're an inspiration, caring young fella, hero and a friend I’m proud to know. Thanks for Everything my friend, I appreciate everything you do more than you know bud."

Andrew Cocquyt
Automation Client

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